Sunday School
Vacation Bible School


Summer Camps
Special Events
Wednesday Night
Sunday Night
Campus Retreats



Cum Deo – A book study and fellowship group of “empty nesters”
Becomers – A book study group of mixed ages
Faith Weavers – A book study group of primarily adults with children
The Builders – Adult Bible study series:
Weekly lessons based on the International Bible Lessons.  Older Adults

Men’s Ministries

United Methodist Men – 8 AM Saturdays
A Bible reading group for men
Boy Scouts Troupe 27
Cub Scouts Pack 28
Men’s Fraternity
A weekly teaching video series coaching men in their work
and relationships. September through April.

Women’s Ministries

United Methodist Women – A mission organization of the United Church

UMW Purpose: “Locally, the UMW provides summer camp scholarships and is a primary contributor to the Fellowship Cup’s “Summer Sacks” lunch program.”

Crown Financial Ministries

The Biblical Financial Study offers Biblical principles for sound personal financial management.  The course does:

  • Include homework, about 15 minutes a day
  • A scripture memory verse each week
  • Practical application

It does not:

  • Endorse, recommend, or sell any financial investments
  • Give specific investment advice

This course requires a ten week commitment.  Cost is ____ per person.

Recommended for those who wish to build a solid financial foundation. Couples are strongly advised to take the course together.